The Evolution of Diagnostic Technology


Diagnostics for the veterinary field have evolved immensely over the past decade. Radiographs which required potent chemicals and longer times to process film now are immediately available for viewing at the click of a button. Blood chemistry profiles which used to require blood to be sent out via a postal service with readouts taking days can now be performed in-office with results available in minutes. Diagnostic equipment has become more efficient, portable and accurate than what it used to be, which has enabled practitioners to practice more advanced medicine. A great example of this advancement in technology is the needle scope.

Needle scope technology enables the user to gain direct visualization into joint pathology by inserting a scope the size of a needle into a joint. This scope, encapsulated by a needle, houses a small camera which, when advanced past the protection of the needle, provides a 180-degree view of the interior of the joint. This ability to see inside the joint provides insight into joint pathologies and conditions that many times cannot be seen on radiographs or with other visual diagnostics. While needle scope technology works on a very similar basis as traditional arthroscopy, it has some key differences, which make it more accessible for veterinarians to implement.


Key Needle Scope Differentiators:

  • Highly Mobile Technology

Needle scope technology is highly mobile, consisting of a needle scope and a battery powered tablet. Being compact in size enables needle scope systems to be transported from room to room with ease, even fitting into a backpack for mobile applications.

  • Fast and Easy Setup

Needle scope systems take less than 5 minutes to set-up, which makes it ideal for quick-looks and initial assessments that can assist in deciding if more advanced procedures are necessary; or perhaps to get a baseline on the patient’s condition prior to surgery.

  • Less Expensive

Diagnostic equipment can be expensive to purchase and maintain. For a fraction of the price of traditional arthroscopy systems, needle arthroscopy can provide the advanced capability of visualizing the interior of the joint without breaking the bank.

Interested in learning more about Needle Scope systems? Click here to request an in-office demonstration by your Companion representative and see for yourself why this technology is making waves in diagnostics.

Ready for some hands-on practice with a needle scope system? Check out one of our upcoming courses where attendees will gain hands-on experience in utilizing the INsight System, identifying intra-articular landmarks and performing basic arthroscopy procedures.

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