INsight Diagnostic Platform Joins the Companion Animal Health® Family


New Castle, DE – March 5, 2019 – Companion Animal Health® announces the introduction of a new diagnostic platform to their product portfolio – the INsight System. The INsight System consists of a fully integrated needle arthroscopy platform with an advanced Image Capture system for patient-side intra articular diagnostic procedures. Companion is proud to partner with Trice Medical to bring this exciting technology to the veterinary market.

The INsight system enables veterinarians to inspect the interior of joints with a small, mobile tablet-based technology. The fully integrated needle scope, which houses a fully retractable needle, auto focusing fiber optic camera and a powerful light source makes this one of the most agile and durable needle scopes available on the market.

Heather Weir, Regenerative Medicine Product Manager at Companion Animal Health stated, “We have been searching for a product that would be synergistic with our Regenerative Medicine portfolio and the INsight System was the perfect fit. Now veterinarians can visually confirm their diagnosis, inject their regenerative medicine product and perform follow ups on their intra-articular procedures patient side with a simple placement of the needle scope. The ability to take a ‘second look’ with the needle scope allows the practitioner to not only confirm successful regenerative medicine treatments, but also follow up on intra articular surgical procedures.”

It has never been easier, faster, or more cost effective to look intra-articularly. The INsight System allows veterinarians the flexibility to look into a joint with ease, unencumbered by a surgical suite. Built on a flexible architecture the INsight System is built to grow with your practice.

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